Quotes by Casey Stengel

“Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It’s staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in.”

“All I ask is that you bust your heiny on that field.”

“Don’t cut my throat, I may want to do that later myself.”

“Don’t drink in the hotel bar, that’s where I do my drinking.”

Quotes about Casey Stengel

“He’s one of the smartest men in baseball, in business, in anything he’d try.”
— Edna Stengel, Casey’s wife

“He could fool you. When Casey wanted to make sense he could. But he usually preferred to make you laugh.”
— Yogi Berra

“I don’t think anybody could have managed our club like Casey did. He made what some people call stupid moves, but about eight or nine out of ten of them worked.”
— Don Larsen

“If Casey Stengel really is dead, which, as he once said, most people his age really are, I’d like to bet his liver still is quivering. His personal filter was so marvelous that he gave us younger guys an inferiority complex as well as a hangover.”
— Bob Broeg